The Haslemere30 Team

Thank you all!

Haslemere30 started with the Haslemere WineFest in 2012. The event sold out within ten days. This told us there was interest in local produce and gave us the confidence to expand the event into a TasteFest, encompassing all locally originated food and drink. Our aim: to connect people with what's going on within earshot, something that we all too often can't hear because of the noise of the marketing pound.

  • Francis Gimblett

    Author and presenter. Director of Taste of the Vine and Wine Navigator.

  • Jeremy Rix

    Schools Liaison. Creativity and innovation expert. Founder of oko

  • Clive Ardagh

    Videography. Onward Productions.

  • Andrew Till

    Design/website. Plastic.

  • With thanks to Heather Matthews and Ceri Jane O’Hara

    Logistics and marketing assistance

  • With thanks to John Gibbons

    Social media

  • With thanks to Simon Goodman

    Judging. Proprietor, The Duke of Cumberland

  • With thanks to Trevor Cruikshank

    Judging. Proprietor, Cruickshank’s Cakes

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